Print on Demand (user printable covers)

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Create personalised, full-colour professionally looking presentations in-house and on-demand. The exact number of documents – nothing more, nothing less – and all in just minutes!
Targeting personal presentation of exclusive information. Pre-formed white covers without glue-strip ready for printing on any digital printers that can handle thick paper, coated stock and oversized A3 (A3W or  A3+/Super A3 or SRA3)
Use any software (or special POD PPT templates – contact us for details) and create your own original design and then print your artwork on the cover on any compatible digital printer. You may print on both front and back of the cover, making it simple to personalise each presentation. The self-adhesive book binding glue strip is ready for insertion after printing, after that you just bind your perfect bind documents just as you would with any other Bindomatic document cover.
For any printer it is recommended to “print and try”. Requirements are that the printer can handle 230GSM coated paper quality and format 297 x L (mm) where L is the length of the sheet. The Length will vary depending on the spine size, between 424 mm up to 437 mm (1.5 mm up to 15 mm covers) and higher for even thicker documents.
As the spine size varies the quantity per box also varies.

Sheets of 80gsm paper to bind Spine MM Covers per Box
01-15 1.5 200
15-30 3 180
30-60 6 160
60-90 9 140
90-120 12 120
120-150 15 110
150-180 18 100
180-210 21 90
210-240 24 80
240-270 27 70
270-300 30 70
300-360 36 60
360-420 42 60
420-480 48 40
480-540 54 40


Additional information
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Spine Width

1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm

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