Here are some answers to your questions. Please contact us for more specific questions.

Each organisation or business has different document binding needs.

We can help you select just the right binding machine and most appropriate document covers for your document requirements. All depends upon your projected binding volumes and your typical work flow for creating your documents.

Depending on the description that best meets your binding requirements below, clicking on the link will take you to the Bindomatic Binder that is recommended.

  1. I bind office documents on a regular basis, but seldom above 20 bound documents a day.
  2. I have a need to bind office documents that contain more than 150 sheets.
  3. In our workplace we together produce 20 or more documents per day with 150 sheets or less per document.
  4. I would be interested in an in-line document binder that is connected to my printer.
  5. I have a Small Office / Home office with only a few presentations at different times.
  6. Our document binder is in another area, I need something closer to me.
  7. My document binding needs are not addressed above – please have a Bindomatic representative contact me.

There is a lot that can be said about stapling as a method to bind documents. Let us just conclude that when it comes to the final result – your document – stapling simply do not take it all the way. And in the long run it is you and your business that will suffer the negative aspects of that fact.

First impressions do make a positive difference – and you will never have a second chance to make that first impression.
A Professional impression differentiates you and your company from the competition and we know from experience that is drives business results.

Professional–looking documents with a Bindomatic perfect bound cover communicate a professional perception. We provide a wide variety of office document covers and binding systems for your company’s specific budget and objectives. With our variety of Bindomatic binding machines and covers, you can create perfect bound office documents in-house and on demand very cost-efficiently.

Most office documents will be ready for use after ~2 minutes of cooling. For spine sizes above 15mm it is recommended to allow more time for cooling. The wider a document is, the longer time will be needed for the document to cool to room temperature, which is where the maximum binding strength is achieved.

The Bindomatic binding method is the strongest binding method on the market for what is known as Thermal Binding. The binding is typically 4-5 times stronger than comparable solutions such as Tape-binding, Ring-binding, Coil-binding etc.

Make sure to follow these simples steps when binding:

  1. Use the cover size selector to choose the right size cover for your office document. I.e. choose a cover that is wide enough for your set of papers.
  2. Jog the set of paper to align the sheets carefully and then load the set into the cover.
  3. a) For Bindomatic binding machine model 1000 – Position the office documents on the heating plate. Tap lightly on the documents to ensure that all of the sheets make good contact with the adhesive in the spine.
    b) For Bindomatic binding machine model 5000: Position the office documents on the heating plate and gently slide the support plate shut. This will ensure that documents stand as straight as possible and make the best possible contact with the heating plate along the entire spine. Tap lightly on the documents to ensure that all of the sheets make good contact with the adhesive in the spine.
    c) For binding machine model 7000DFS: Drop/feed the documents for automatic jogging, heating and cooling.
  4. For binding machine model 1000 & 5000: After binding heat sequence, let the perfect bound document cool down ~2 minutes prior to use. For all binding machine models, remember that wider documents should be allowed to cool a bit longer, prior to use.

The Print on Demand cover is developed for use with a digital printer and the paper is generally not suited for Inkjet printers – although there are Inkjet users that mean it works for them too. The digital printer must be able to handle coated glossy paper quality for heavier stock (the cover is 210GSM) and also A3+ format since the width of the spine adds to the length of the paper and not all “only A3” printers can handle that longer sheet.

It is recommended to test a sample to see if the result matches expectations.

Please note that if the specifications for the printer does not meet the above described defined paper quality, and as a potential consequence printer performance is compromised, Bindomatic cannot / do not accept liability.

Bindomatic spine sizes are exact, you can rely on the charts indicating how many sheets that a specific size is suited for. Sheet capacity is based upon 80GSM paper.The use of heavier paper stock will call for a wider cover to be used. Standard spine widths (A4) are from 1.5 mm to 15 mm but can also be supplied up to 54 mm at the largest. If you have questions regarding paper and spine width sizes please contact us for more information.