Who Uses Bindomatic?

The document applications that benefit from the professional impression achieved when bound using the Bindomatic solution, are virtually endless. And it has never been easer to create that professional look – read on and be inspired!


First impressions are critical in the Insurance industry, where their most important objectives are trust and confidence. Insurance firms often produce professional covers for both internal and external documents. Bindomatic suggests differentiating your binding supplies with a custom book binding cover for your corporate and retail clients, and a standard cover for your internal documents.


This sector relies heavily on in-house document production for business analyses, weekly and monthly reports, quarterly reports and more, on frequent and tight deadlines. Accountants need to deliver timely reports that are professional. Bindomatic suggests creating uniform presentation covers with the accounting firm’s logo and colors to go with the complete statistics in the report.

The Public Authorities

Public authorities create thousands of reports that are often simple, to-the-point and economical because they use public funding. Bindomatic suggests its extensive array of standard presentation covers, which are well-suited to the goals of public authorities such as government and municipalities — inspiring confidence, while not distracting the reader from the report’s information. The authorities regularly utilise one of the larger, automated perfect binding machines for such reports.


Independent consultants rely on Bindomatic’s line of binding supplies to help them communicate a positive first impression with a crispand professional bound cover. In fact, consultants have discovered that our professional covers – whether one of our standard stock covers, or a custom designed cover, can help give them an edge over their competition.


Students, graduate students, faculty and researchers at universities and major learning institutions need to bind various reports, papers, dissertations, abstracts and studies with quality presentation covers. Bindomatic offers a wide selection of binding supplies in affordable price ranges to suit professionals and students in the higher education sector. We have found that most of them prefer standard, neutral covers from both our soft and hard cover series and select the model 5000 or 7000 DFS book binding machines.

Real Estate

An important part of making sales in the Real Estate sector depends on making a good first impression, along with factual knowledge about the properties and their locations.  A Bindomatic perfect bound document accomplishes that goal. We suggest a Print-On-Demand cover for a personalised, property-by-property custom book binding look, distinguishing you from other sales professionals in the sector.


For hotels, resorts and restaurants in the hospitality sector, creating great first impressions with their guests goes a long way towards return visits. A hospitality facility’s welcome services book, dining room and in-room service menus, stationery and other corporate collateral should mirror your guests’ expectations. We suggest customising our Ambassador hardcover book or employing the Ambassador-Print-On-Demand covers for these guest materials.

Graphic Designers

Presentation and the appearance of your professional portfolios in the image and graphics design fields say everything about your accomplishments and the depth of your industry knowledge. The Bindomatic line of book binding systems and presentation covers has an affordable and on-demand way of creating a personalized, unique portfolio that helps you “wow” most prospects.

Banking and Financial Services

Anyone employed in the banking and financial sectors knows they must inspire confidence and trust with their customers and clients. For those reasons, we suggest a customised corporate dedicated cover with the bank’s or financial firm’s logo to leave a solid and dignified impression.


The all-important technology sectors – biotech, pharmaceuticals, communications, software, IT and hardware development firms –depend on communicating clear, concise and accurate technical information to clients and their peers. Presentation documents with ideas, procedures and development plans are critical to the success of any technology-oriented enterprise. Bindomatic suggests using a mix of standard covers as well as customised covers for those reports which are needed for internal or external presentations.

Transportation and Logistics

In the transportation industry, the typical international shipment requires +40 separate documents for logistics, amid heightened security these days. By employing a Bindomatic book binding system, transportation companies can bind required documents and instructions securely, efficiently and economically.