Bindomatic and the Environment

Yet another good reason for selecting Bindomatic binding supplies and binding covers: Our products are environment–friendly and recyclable.

Bindomatic covers are made only from paper and carton produced from sustainable forests. Sustainable forests are managed ecologically with biological diversity and sustainability. Our paper pulp is unbleached and Total Chlorine Free (TCF).

Bindomatic choose to use a variety of plastic materials for the cover front transparencies (where applicable). These plastics are all fully recyclable and some are also biodegradable.

Bindomatic use vegetable oil derived inks when printing on covers is part of customer requirements.

Bindomatic binding covers are made as recyclable as possible. The complete cover, including paper, plastic, glue and bound content is fully recyclable and can be shredded in one piece. It is however recommended to separate the front transparent plastic sheet from the document (subject to shredder capability and re-cycle system requirements)

Bindomatic strive to continuously employ the most energy-efficient transportation possible in delivery of products and services to customers world wide.


Further Environmental and Health & Safety aspects and details found inside the official documents noted below (click to download).