About Bindomatic

Innovation in Professional Bound Reports, Papers & Presentations

Bindomatic is committed to providing businesses and organisations with the right tools to create professionally bound documents in-house. Since our start-up in 1974, we have been providing our customers with technically advanced binding equipment and binding systems to create print-shop quality bound documents quickly and easily. The results are that they always make a great first impression with their presentations.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Bindomatic has subsidiaries in Germany, USA, Belgium and Portugal. We also have independent distributors in some 40 countries around the globe who represent our line of professional binding equipment and binding systems. In addition, Bindomatic has OEM agreements with Xerox, Océ, Pitney Bowes and other business relationships with Canon, Ricoh and Kodak.

With our competent research and development team, we have created proprietary and patented binding products and processes. We take tremendous pride in our products and services to our customers. Bindomatic is dedicated to continuously make innovative products that will improve the image, impression and brand of our customers. Bindomatic has the document solution, where first impressions matter most.