Bindomatic Duo – Binder and Laminator 2-in-1

The Bindomatic Duo is a flexible easy access compact desktop unit which will switch from binder to laminator at the flick of a button.

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The Bindomatic DUO is a compact desktop unit designed for individual users with modest document volumes.

The Bindomatic® DUO is a small and manually operated binder that produces the same professionally bound documents as the more advanced binders, and it will fit on your desk! Bind documents up to 200 sheets without hassle.

Now you can bind those quotes, contracts, manuals, brochures etc and not even leave your desk.

Whether you need binding capacity in the home office or as a complement to one of our larger document binders, the Bindomatic DUO is for you. It is compact and easy to use, and it is always within arm’s reach.

With the press of a button switch to Lamination mode.

Additional information
Weight2 kg
Dimensions44 × 12 × 23 cm

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