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Glue in spine

Bindomatic 5000

  As a manually operated desktop binding machine, the Bindomatic 5000 provides perfect bindings when you need them. It’s easy! Create your professionally bound document(s) following the steps shown below.  
  First step on 1000 1. First, you need to measure the cover width of your paper set. Place all of the sheets in the cover size selector.  
  Second step on 5000 2. Next, take the set of paper and insert into the Bindomatic cover of your choice. Be sure to align/jog all of the papers properly.  
  Third step on 5000 3. Bind one or several office document at a time, by placing them on the binders heating plate.  
  Fourth step on 5000 4. The thermal binding machine will signal when the thermal binding process is complete.
Take away the bound documents from the heating plate. Place them in the cooling rack to cool for ~2 minutes. After the cool-down, you may open the bound documents.
  Fifth step on 5000 5. Done.  
    Congratulations! You have created a professionally bound document!  

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