Accel Ultra +

+ stands for Extra Thick Documents.

  • High capacity thermal binding for documents 150 sheets to 360 sheets. (300 to 720 pages)

  • Batch-load up to 12 documents at one time

  • Up to 45 times faster than traditional methods

  • Binds one document per second

The most efficient way to bind expanded spine sizes


The new Bindomatic® Accel Ultra+ takes the speed of the Bindomatic® Ultra and gives you the ability to bind thick documents with the same ease and simplicity that Drop&Go Technology offers.


Thanks to its enhanced capabilities, intuitive simplicity, and binding speed, the Ultra+ is the ideal binding solution for office/corporate walk-up print stations, as well as volume demanding CRD or commercial print environments with the demand to bind 150 - 360 sheets.


Document size

A4 — portrait bound orientation. (A5 possible with an accessory)


System Capacity

Bind thick documents up to 720 printed pages (360 sheets). Batch-load as many as qty 12 x 15mm thick documents in one go. Then continue adding 1 per second or speed required.

Performance is subject to user environment.


Document spine width

Up to 36 mm (= 360 sheets of 80 gsm paper)


Machine Dimensions

L 746 x W 645 x H 435 mm


Machine Weight

48 kg


Power Supply

230V, 50/60Hz


Meet your new Editing tool.

Free with any Drop&Go machine.

Bindomatic Flex

Binding mistakes can always happen, or a page is updated and has to be changed.

No problem, with the Bindomatic Flex you can easily replace, remove or add another page.

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