Specifically made for Print Rooms, Print for pay, Universities, and any large user of binding.

Never before has document binding been so efficient.


Bindomatic gives you the ability to batch-feed your documents, press start, and walk away. Your time is freed-up to work on other projects while our automated machines produce professional-quality bound documents.


All you have to do is Drop&Go

What is Drop&Go

Thick documents?
No problem


The Ultra+ gives you the ability to bind wide spine sizes - up to 36mm thick - with the same ease and simplicity of the Ultra.

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Compact yet powerful


The Flex gives you the ability to bind up to 15 documents per minute, bind wide spine sizes - up to 360 sheets, and remove or add or replace sheets.

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Why Thermal Binding?

Thermal Binding is the process of using heat to adhere your document pages to a patented Bindomatic cover. Our process is the fastest off-line binding available and provides the strongest bond on the market. Using Bindomatic Accel series binding machines allows you to bring document binding in-house, saving time and money.

One more thing ... if you find a mistake, or need to add or remove pages from your documents, Bindomatic’s thermal binding gives you that flexibility by simply reheating the spine.

What choices of covers are there?

Absolutely any you can think of.

We can make the covers to your specifications, we can look after the printing or you can do that.
If you prefer everything in-house, you can either print on pre-folded covers or you can fold and glue your own sheets.
Maybe you need hard cover books, no problems, get them made to your specs or customise them yourself.
The choice is yours, we just want you to enjoy the fastest binding machine at a very low price.

Bindomatic’s thermal binding covers provide industry-leading strength and quality and are available in hardback or soft back, clear or solid front and a myriad of spine colors.

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