What choices of covers are there?

Absolutely any you can think of.

We can make the covers to your specifications, we can look after the printing or you can do that.
If you prefer everything in-house, you can either print on pre-folded covers or you can fold and glue your own sheets. Maybe you need hard cover books, no problems, get them made to your specs or customise them yourself.
The choice is yours, we just want you to enjoy the fastest binding machine at a very low price.

When it comes to sizes available and how many pages that can be bound:

Covers can be made in A4 - A5 - A3, (A3 is landscape only) and in any size in between. So for example, if your document need to be 160 mm x 280 mm, that will be no problem.


You can bind any number of sheets between 2 - 540 (4 - 1080 pages).
Calculated on 80 gsm paper.


We can send samples of all types of covers and some bound documents.


We can send a machine together with covers so you can trial our system.


Contact us to get started.

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