Bindomatic Flex
(Upgraded Bindomatic 5000)

  • Desktop manual operation

  • Any size between A5 and A3

  • Binds multiple documents simultaneously

  • Allows easy editing

  • Binds thick documents (540 sheets)

The Bindomatic Flex is a powerful, yet compact, document binder that can be used on its own or complement our larger machines. The binding plate accommodates documents up to 350mm in spine length, and with the adjustable guide has the capacity to bind multiple documents simultaneously providing you quick turnaround when you need it. This tabletop binder delivers remarkable productivity in a small space, making it perfect for small businesses and larger offices alike.


Bind documents as thick as 54mm, (540 sheets) soft covers, hard covers; this binder will bind them all and do it stronger and more effectively than any comparable manual binding system on the market, up to 15 documents per minute.


If you need to remove, replace or add sheets, simply re-heat the binding. With the wide range of Bindomatic® covers, your business presentations, reports, proposals, statements, manuals etc, will always look and feel as professional as the content and message of your document.



Document Formats:

A5 to A3 Landscape


Spine Size:

1.5mm up to 54mm


Up to 15 documents, dependent on spine width, per binding cycle (~60 seconds)


L 446 x W 264 x H 132mm


5,5 kg

Power Supply:

230V, 50/60Hz, 700W, 3.2 amps (maximum)

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