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Flexicut Glue for the Printing Industry has arrived. This is a product the industry has asked for and now it has arrived. More...

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Document Finishing Systems

Bindomatic Accel
Bindomatic Accel Series with Drop & Go Technology
Up to 180 - 240 times faster than Punch and Bind techonology
Bindomatic Accel Cube
Bindomatic Accel Ultra
Bindomatic Accel cube Bindomatic 301 DFS
A Professional, Automatic, Thermal Binding System for Medium-sized and Large Companies. The 301 DFS (Document Finishing System) is an In-line system binding at the rated speed of the printer.
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Bindomatic Flex
Bindomatic 1000

Bindomatic Flex


Bindomatic 1000
Our "Standard" machine, the Bindomatic 5000 can handle any job from 1 to 540 sheets in any size from A5 to A3. The Bindomatic 1000 is perfect for those of you who appreciate a professional binding system which has a very small footprint and can be placed within reach.
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Combination Packs  
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Bindomatic 1000 start pack.
Bindomatic 5000 Starter Pack with 180 Covers
Bindomatic 1000 start pack.
Bindomatic 1000 Starter Pack with 80 Covers
Bindomatic 5000 Starter Packs is an excellent way to start getting the benefit from our system. It will give you a range of covers so you can bind anything from 1 to 1080 pages. (540 sheets of 80gsm paper) Bindomatic Small Starter Packs covers provides you an extra set of our range of 80 covers so you can bind anything from 1 to 120 pages.