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  Your Personal Binding System  


The Bindomatic 1000 is perfect for those of you who appreciate a professional binding system which has a very small footprint and can be placed within the convenient reach of your working place.


Bindomatic 1000

$ 278.00

User Profile
The Bindomatic 1000 is a compact desktop unit designed for individual users with modest document volumes. The 1000 binds documents up to 120 sheets (12 mm). Up to three small documents can be bound simultaneously. Small, but very productive, the economical 1000 will outperform punch and bind systems costing hundreds more.

It is designed for the Small Office / Home Office user while also being an ideal tool for the executive's desktop. It is so inexpensive, it can be used instead of your stapler for multi-page documents.
Very small and easy to use

The Bindomatic 1000 has an extremely small footprint - only 376 x 104mm - which means you can always have it near you.

Place 1 to 5 documents in the binder and press a button. Your documents are ready in a little more than a minute and the binder shuts off automatically - it couldn't be easier.

Very flexible

You can bind covers from 1.5mm to 12mm (1-120 sheets) and you can use transparent/white or coloured Bindomatic covers. A built-in cover size selector helps you select the correct size.

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Very affordable

Your personal binding system is available at a price that everyone can afford.


Your Bindomatic system is always ready to use and don't need any setup or special preparations to do its job.

Just insert your freshly printed document into a Bindomatic cover, put it in the machine, wait for the beep and it is done.

The Bindomatic process is free of mess, and is quick and easy for your operators to use. Punch-binding is a much slower process which creates paper waste as a result of the punching operation.


Editing Bindomatic documents is a very simple process.

This makes the process particularly well suited to reference books, where pages containing dated information need to be replaced.


How to Bind

1. Measure the sheets to be bound with the cover size selector.

2. Place the sheets in a cover with the correct spine width.

3. Place one or more covers to be bound in the machine.

4. Start the binding by pressing the red button.

5. Wait until the red light goes out. Place the covers in the cooling stand.

6. After approx. 2 minutes your professionally bound document is ready for use.

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Technical Data
Document Size A4 & A5
Capacity 1-5 documents. 1-120 sheets of 80gsm paper
Binding Time 80 seconds
Voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 376x104x158mm (LxWxH)
Weight 900 gram.